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It seems as though the school year just began last week. The reality though, is that we’ve been in session since mid-August. The following are the topics we are learning at Rojo5th:


First off students are perfecting their math fact skills using several methods which include Xtra Math, Arcademic Skills Builder, multiplication chants and good old fashioned automaticity (students write their math facts by hand)

We’ve completed chapters on Prime Numbers, and now Equivalent Fractions. Next week we will revisit Place Value.

English-Language Arts:

I am keeping track of every book each one of my student reads this year to keep them accountable. We use SRI/Lexile to make sure that students are reading books that are at their reading level. Our current class Read Aloud is the Austere Academy by Lemoney Snicket.

Students are also creating interactive notebooks complete filled with Thinking Maps and Foldables. I am really stressing to the kids the importance of using their notebooks as a source of reference.


We are finishing up our first lesson on Cells. Shortly students will be assigned a project where they will have to create an animal cell or plant cell with materials found at home. How creative can you be?

Social Studies:

Students are learning about the first European explorers to the “New World” and their encounter with the indigenous people that already inhabited what is now called the Americas.

In the coming weeks students will get to partake in their own student election. Students who have submitted their paperwork to our counselor Mrs. Rodriguez will run for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Activities Director and Treasurer. It should be exciting listening to the speeches students will prepare.

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