U.S. States & Capitals: The Western Region

A few weeks ago we learned about the continents. This week is the start of U.S. geography. To start off, we will be focusing on the Western Region of the U.S.

There will be two assessments for each region we cover. The first test will only be identifying the states. The week after, we will have another assessment on the same region, but this time we will be testing on both states and their respective capitals.

On Thursday, September 25 we will be taking the states test and on October 2 will be taking the states and capitals test on the same region.

You can find a map with states and capitals at the Depot. The actual test that you will take on Friday can also be found there. No surprises people. Study away my friends!

Below are links to games you can use to study:
Link: Click the State to Learn it’s Name
Link: Click the State to Learn it’s Capital

Link: Mr. Anker
Link: Timed State Quiz
Link: Identify the State

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