Esperanza Rising: Aguascalientes, 1924

Mexico: Government and Revolution Links
• General links via Library of Congress:
• Portrait of Porfirio Díaz:
• Images of Mexico during the Carranza revolution against Huerta’s government (LOT 9563-16)!=coll&sg=true&st=gallery
• El Presidente Álvaro Obregón:
• “Rebel Soldiers, Chihuahua, Mexico,” 1910–1920s:
• Diego Rivera, The Uprising (El levantamiento, 1931)—mural depicting historical class struggles in Mexico:
Mexico: Neighbor to the North Links
• General images from Library of Congress:
• U.S. Army soldiers and Mexican soldiers guarding the international border (International Street) at Nogales, Arizona, and Nogales, Sonora, during the Mexican Revolution (1910–1920):
• U.S. and Mexico state line (1915) Getty Research Library:


Mexico: Rich versus Poor
• Picture of working family in Mexico, 1913: [Use with credit line] From the Robert Runyon Photograph Collection [image number 00048], courtesy of the Center for American History, the University of Texas at Austin.
• Diego Rivera, Sugar Plantation (Plantacíon de cañas de azúcar, 1931)—mural depicting landowner and workers (1920s Mexico):
Diego Rivera, The Exploiters (Los explotadores, 1926)—depicts unequal relationship between Mexican field workers and wealthy landowners:

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