First Week


The first week was a breeze! Time was like a sprinter speeding to the finish line of a race. This fast pace is typical of the fifth grade. Before we know it, it will be June and students will be ready for sixth grade.

This week we began reading Lemoney Snicket’s The Austere Academy in Literacy class. We were introduced to three unfortunate orphans. In Reading class students read about how segregation and Jim Crow laws divided Americans. Students learned how to setup their Academic Vocabulary journal and Keyword. Students also learned how to practice their spelling with Spelling Relay and with the Spelling City website (where they can also practice their vocabulary words).

In Math we refreshed our memories by practicing Measurements for Life. How many quarts in a gallon? How many pints in a quart? We also practiced using an analog clock and time phrases such as “quarter after” or “quarter till.” How many minutes in a quarter? Finally, students also began the great Xtra Math program. This program hopes to build number fluency in students. Be sure to practice at home if you have access.

For the next two weeks, Miss Santillano will be at the reigns of the class. I will be spending quality time with my newborn baby. I will see you again on September 2. Be sure to keep track of your Class Dojo points. Thanks for the great first week!

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