The Excretory & Urinary System

The Excretory & The Urinary Systems

This week we have been learning about the excretory system. It has been a very interesting body system. What are coming to realize is that each body system works together to keep the body running like a machine.

The excretory system not only cleanses our body of toxins it also allows us to have control over our bladder. I think any 5th grade student would appreciate knowing that! I know I do as an adult. I love my bladder!

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The Circulatory System

This week we will be focusing on the Cardiovascular/Circulatory System. To avoid confusion, we will identify this system not just as the Circulatory System but instead as the Cardiovascular/Circulatory System. Why? Well, because it is essentially the same thing!

The heart powers our body by pumping and transporting blood to our entire body. We will be focusing on the heart, the various types of blood transport systems (arteries, veins & capillaries), and what blood is composed of (red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma & platelets) and their respective jobs.

Every human body system works together to keep our bodies in motion!

» Circulation & Respiration

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