The Excretory System

Why do we sweat? Why do we have to urinate? This weeks lesson on the human body will cover these fascinating topics.

The past few weeks we have been learning about the different human body systems. What are coming to realize is that each body system works together to keep the body running like a machine.

The excretory system not only cleanses our body of toxins it also allows us to have control over our bladder. I think any 5th grade student would appreciate knowing that! I know I do as an adult. I love my bladder!

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States & Capitals: The Midwest Region

On Friday, October 23 we will be taking the states region the Midwest Region. We will be taking the states and capitals test October 30 on the same region.

You can find a map with states and capitals at the Depot. The actual test that you will take on Friday can also be found there. No surprises people. Study away my friends!

Below are links to games you can use to study:
Link: Click the State to Learn it’s Name
Link: Click the State to Learn it’s Capital

Link: Mr. Anker
Link: Timed State Quiz
Link: Identify the State