Classroom Management

The following are several components of my classroom management plan. I always look for strategies that work and cater them to my liking. I am a strong believer in New Management and consequently you will see many strategies created by Rick Morris. I also believe that communication is key and I will phone calls home to discuss student progress whether it’s positive or negative.

Music for Management
I use music to transition students from subject to subject.

Class Cards/Class Cards App
Using Class Cards or the Class Cards App on my iPod allow me to randomly select students for responses. With the Class Cards App I am able to record whether a student got a response correctly or incorrectly or what type of a response the student gave (if it’s not a correct/incorrect response). If a student needs time I am able to put him on hold on the app and go to another student or students. I am able to come back to the student for another question. Typically, when I call on students for a response I will call on several students before giving the correct response to the class. I will also inform students who is the queue so that they can prepare a response. The other important aspect is that it is completely random. Just because I call on a student it doesn’t mean that his name won’t come up in five minutes. This allows students to be engaged at all times.

Sign Language
Instead of just raising their hand students have to use sign language to show me why their hand is up.

Whole Brain Teaching
I believe in students learning from students so ample opportunities are provided for student to discuss concepts. Before I allow students to break into discussion their eyes should be on me so that they can follow my cue. I will give directions, do a random hand gesture or clap and signal for them to start with the word “teach.” Students partner up and one student speaks until I cue them to switch and the other speaks. All the while students are showing me that they are listening to their partner with eye contact and mimicking hand gestures that the speaking student is using.

I use ADOPT to track student performance throughout the week. A student is allowed three letters per week. IF a student gets more than three letters an ADOPT a note will go home documenting in what areas the student needs to improve on.

360 degrees (Circle of Trust)
Students who have not earned an ADOPT letter the previous week will be placed in the Circle of Trust and earn privileges for the week.

Credit Cards
Every student is given a credit card (blank index card with their student number) and when they reach 15 credits they are invited to a social. Students can earn credits for responsible behavior, A’s on tests and for jobs. With the exception of jobs, credits are given randomly so as to not create a classroom environment in which I am bribing students for behavior or grades.

When students are caught doing something well whether it’s social or giving a great response, I may drop a ticket on their desk. They are to put their number on the ticket and drop it in our ticket container for the weekly raffle.

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